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Its awesome Living in Southern California, The Sun the Mountians and Beaches, great weather most of the time. But Living here sometimes brings challanges. We never know when an Earthquake or Wild Fire might Strike us and things get crazy.

You can follow any of the above links and find out how to prepare for the disasters we sometimes need to face. Each of these links will specifically take you where you can find solid information. Are you educated in earthquake survial or what to do should a home fire suddenly start in the middle of he night, or driving in the local Mountians and suddenly be confronted with a

wild fire. We encourage you to check out these sites for more information.

If an earthquake strikes you can click on this link and it will immediatly take you to FEMA and you can see exactly where and how strong it was in just seconds.




We believe in taking care of our own, If you know of an Elderly or Handicapped person who is in need and has Safety issues in their home, Give us a call, we make repairs to doorways, install new safety grab bars in the bathroom and kitchen and inspect other hazardous issues.

We believe a person should feel safe in their home.


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